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My Danish Commercials & Award Winning Star Wars Films

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    Good morning

    Thank you for connecting and Happy New Year to my friends and associates in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It's always a pleasure meeting fans and other pros in the Biz.

    I'm an actor/producer in Los Angeles and available for projects, interviews/events/panel discussions on acting,  indy film making/producing. (60+ film/vids/commercials on my YouTube channel)

    I've been to Copenhagen twice to film commercials for the Hi-Fi Klubben company (YouTube.  Hi-Fi Klubben Mike DiLupo). 

    I also filmed several commercials in Oslo for the Infinitum "Want to Pant, But Can't" recycling spots. 

    I'm looking forward to returning to your lovely countries soon. 

    In 2016 a short film I co-wrote/produced/act in:

    Star Wars "GENERATIONS"

    Won the 2016 Lucasfilm "Spirit of Fandom Award" at the Star Wars Euro Celebration in London.

    2018: I produced, wrote and act in my Fan Film entry:

                               A Star Wars Story"

    Which won the Star Wars AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD and making history as I'm honored to become a repeat finalist and 1st ever back-to-back winner in the Star Wars Fan Film contest.

    Thank you to all our fans, friends and family for your support.

    Feel free to reach out to chat and discuss my films and indy film making.

    Best Regards and MTFBWY.

    Jack E Curenton

    BTW, If you like "GENERATIONS" & "LIKE MY FATHER BEFORE ME" leave a positive note... we love positive notes....(I don't know... maybe something like..."put the Old Guy in 9 lol) 

    jecurenton 2-01-19 02:21

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